Nesbitt and Associates management believes in an analytical approach when evaluating and/or providing any level of security and in this case Red Team operations. Our countermeasures are based on observations and findings from an all-inclusive assessment when creating Red Team operational needs, and designed to optimize any follow-on recommendations.

Our recommendations will be based on analytical risk management methodologies as well as past Red Team experiences. We utilize many of the industry standard audit practices but also use a common sense approach to provide a customize audit program for tech companies.

If our approach and recommendations are not acceptable to our client and cannot be woven seamlessly into the fabric of the client needs, they will neither be effective nor provide a sustainable security audit program.

Tom Nesbitt, our President/CEO will be intimately involved from the inception and throughout all phases of Red Team initiatives. He will provide management oversight, client liaison and provide any support as required.

Nesbitt and Associates subscribes to the following four phases for the Red Team program:

1. Determine current security levels

2. Identify vulnerabilities of guard forces and systems

3. Provide constructive and attainable improvement solutions

4. Ongoing Operational Support

For our corporate clients, we work to ensure our recommended and tailored solutions will meet their requirements and corporate board compliance issues or, if they don’t, we will propose an acceptable solution.

We firmly believe the key to success when providing long term client needs is creating a tailored and scalable program that suits the client’s needs and most importantly, ensures they are confident of our abilities.

This all starts with identifying the right program that will complement our client’s needs.


Nesbitt and Associates has been doing Red Team deployments for regular and construction Data Center sites as well as cable landing points of entry across the United States and Internationally for clients since 2013.

Nesbitt and Associates carefully selects and assigns the right staff and team based on the client’s requirements. This applies whether we are managing and providing deployments for both small and large scale clients.